We are going International

This Creative have picked up an exciting new client from across the other side of the world. The New Zealand based craft drinks company, which is currently nameless, have approached us with the task to create their brand identity.

Promoting their slogan of ‘Extraordinary Drink Experience’, their primary focus is the sale and distribution of unknown craft drinks across New Zealand with an future ambition for global success. Their collection of stunningly diverse of passionate and talented craft wine makers, brewers, and distillers are ready to showcase their latest innovations. 

Design Director Ben said, “With such a boom in the craft drinks industry over the past few years, it is an exciting opportunity for us to join in the fun and collaborate with such a client. There is so much inspiration out there for this industry but with a slogan as they have, there is a great challenge to create something unique, something which has not been seen before.”

We will be teaming up with Anita Waugh, a Brand Strategy & Brand Marketing Communications Leader. Her expertise along with her knowledge of the local area will be invaluable in the successful creation of this brand identity.

Ben and the team also have everything crossed for a trip out to New Zealand – site visit.

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